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This page will provide some guidelines that we hope you will follow when publishing levels.

What to publish

You can publish your level, whether it's finished, a work-in-progress or an abandoned project, as long as you think you've spent enough time on your level that it can be considered valuable, entertaining or interesting to other players.

What is valuable, entertaining or interesting? Probably anything you've spent more than 30 minutes on. If your level took 5 minutes to create, it is probably not worth publishing, unless it's an example/help level for another player.

What not to publish

  • "Cool" simple things that serve no purpose, i.e. wow look how cool the fluid looks in zero gravity!
  • Glitches, i.e. two dummies glitched together
  • Bugs, unless you unlist the level after publish and send in a proper bug report
  • Derivatives with no or insignificant additions/modifications
  • Empty levels with just a description

Updating your level

When you re-publish your level it is automatically moved back to the top of the "Latest updates" page. If you abuse this behavior, your level will be permanently removed. Only publish updates if you actually changed something in your level.

What happens if I don't follow these guidelines?

Your level will most likely be unlisted. Unlisted levels can still be played, discussed and liked. But they don't show up in top lists or on the New levels page. Other than that, the Bithack team will probably not care, unless you are really abusive of the system.

How do I get my level featured?

Your level will be featured if it's impressive and stands out. You don't have to do anything, the Bithack team manually picks levels.