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  • Inverter Outputs 1.0 minus the In0 Signal
  • Floor Outputs 0.0 if In0 signal is less than 1.0
  • Ceil Outputs 1.0 if In0 signal is greater than 0.0
  • Square Multiply a Raw Signal by itself, lowers value. 1.0 and 0.0 unchanged
  • Sqrt Divide a Raw Signal by itself, raises value. 1.0 and 0.0 unchanged
  • Sparsifier Outputs the first 1.0 bit only from a multi-bit continuous string
  • Sparsifier+ Output the first and last 1.0 bits from a continuous string
  • Epsilon Adds a micro fraction to a Signal
  • Toggler Switches between a continuous 1.0 output and 0.0 output if a "tick" is input
  • Moving Average Smooths out a signal over time, lowers max and raises minimum
  • 0-Reset M. Avg Smooths out a signal and resets after each wavelength period
  • FIFO queue Delays the Input signal for 8 bits, about .07 seconds
  • Value shift Shifts the position of 0.0 and 1.0
  • Clamp Prevents a signal from passing it's slider settings limits(min/max)
  • muladd Multiply a Signal value by 0.05 to 2.0 and then add a specific amount if needed
  • sub Lowers value of the signal by the set amount, cannot pass 0.0
  • Decay Abrupt signal loss is tapered off over time in a parabolic curve
  • Linear Decay Abrupt Signal loss is tapered off in a straight line decay
  • Limit Will "short out" a wire connection after it receives it's target number of signal bits.
  • Snap Signal changes are squared off into a specific number of "steps" up or down.
  • Boundary Delays a signal for up to one bit, for resolving signal loops.


  • XOR gate Outputs 1.0 if one but not both of the inputs are true
  • OR gate Outputs 1.0 if either of the inputs are true
  • AND gate Outputs 1.0 if both the inputs are true
  • NAND gate Outputs 1.0 if neither the inputs is true
  • IF gate Outputs the In0 signal if In1 is true
  • Cmp-e Outputs 1.0 if the 2 inputs are equal, invert the Output for "not equal"
  • Cmp-l Outputs 1.0 if In0 is less than In1, reverse Inputs for "greater than or equal to"
  • Cmp-le Outputs 1.0 if In0 is less than or equal to In1, reverse inputs for "greater than"
  • Min Outputs the lower of the two input signal strengths
  • Max Outputs the higher of the two input signal strengths
  • Sum Outputs the sum of the two input values, maximum 1.0: In0+In1
  • Mul Outputs the result of multiplying the two input values: In0*In1
  • Avg Outputs the average of the two input values: (In0+In1)/2
  • Condenser Outputs the fraction of all signals added to In0 and subtracted from In1/max value
  • Wrap condenser Condenser which wraps back to 1.0 and 0.0 if the Output exceeds either value
  • Memory module Outputs a stored memory value set with a tick to In0 and read from In1
  • Wrap add Adds the two input values and wraps the value over 1.0 back to 0.0
  • Wrap sub Subtracts the two input values and wraps the value under 0.0 back to 1.0
  • Wrap distance Takes the minimum wrapped distance between the two input values, 0.1, 0.9 = 0.2


  • Y-splitter Splits the input signal and writes it to both outputs.
  • IF-else If In1 is true send In0 to Out1, if In1 is false send In0 to Out0
  • Half-unpack
  • Half pack
  • sincos
  • atan2
  • Switch In0 signal can be sent to one of five outputs by switching In1 and In2 with ticks
  • Passive display Simple display with inputs for switching positions one at a time
  • Active display Complex display will jump to a position and report it's position
  • Debugger Reports signal strength with light and outputs the signal unmodified
  • Grapher Reports signal strength as visual data over time and outputs the signal unmoddified
  • Pointer Reports the signal as an angle, 0.0 = right, 0.25 = up, 0.5 - left, 0.75 = down
  • Sine wave Generates a sine wave signal of the chosen frequency
  • Sawtooth Generates a sawtooth wave signal of the chosen frequency
  • Random Generates a random "static" signal
  • Timer Outputs a desired number of ticks at a constant speed
  • Event Listener Outputs a tick if it's internal condition is met, i.e. "player dies"
  • HP Control Outputs the Adventure bots current HP and allows for setting the HP to a specific %
  • Sequencer Square wave generator with programmable sequence of 1.0s and 0.0s
  • Var getter Outputs the value stored in the Variable Setter with the same name
  • Var setter Stores the value of In1 if In0 receives a tick, Stores over multiple plays(high scores etc.)