Principia fails to start (PC)

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If Principia crashes during the loading screen, please try the steps on this page before you contact an admin or make a bug report.

Before continuing, make sure you have the latest drivers for your graphics card.

Locating settings.ini

To edit principia settings, you need to locate the settings.ini file. For Windows Vista and later, you can find it by navigating to:


Where "username" is your username.

For Windows XP, navigate to:

C:\Documents and settings\username\Principia\settings.ini

Where "username" is your username.

Open settings.ini in any text editor.

Lower shadow precision

The default shadow precision on PC might not work on older PC's, you can lower the shadow precision by locating settings.ini and find that line that says


Change to


Activate "shitty computer" mode

In settings.ini, locate the following line:


Change to


If nothing works

Immediately after the crash, in the same directory as settings.ini you will find a file called "run.log". Contact an admin detailing your problem and provide the run.log file.

See also Bug Reporting.