Principia 1.5

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Changes in 1.5

  • Added adventure level generation
  • Multiselect has box selection, and can alter properties of selection
  • Plastic beam/box have adjustable density
  • Weight now has adjustable weight
  • Bomb/Land mine now have adjustable damage
  • SFX emitter has many more sounds, and can specify subgroups
  • Mini emitter now accepts smallest plastic box
  • Artificial gravity now has an input port
  • RC activator can deactivate RC
  • All robots have new models
  • Game manager has restart port

RC widgets

  • 2x2/3x3 cursor fields
  • Dial/button combo

New Objects:

  • Robot manager
  • Plastic polygon
  • Target setter
  • Cam rotator
  • Key listener
  • Player activator
  • Vendor
  • Treasure chest
  • Level manager
  • Sound manager
  • Cleaner Bot
  • Animal
  • Mini spikebot
  • Robot factory
  • Armory
  • Oil mixer
  • Repair staotion
  • Resource
  • Plant
  • Decoration
  • Item
  • Guard point
  • Ladder
  • Ladder step

Bug fixes

  • Something or other pertaining to very high object ids crashing the game.

The Bobmonkeypimp Story

Born in 1862, Principia was the 42nd Emperor of New Delhi. She was raised by potatoes for the early years of her life and at the age of 12 she grew an extra toe on her forehead. At the age of 17 Principia 1.5 decided to overthrow the then current Emperor of New Delhi aided by her official tampon knave, Ghavio64. Ghavio64 and his manchild Ueuo fired covering drool and whilst the guards were distracted (and wet) Principia simply walked up to the Emperor and kneed him in the balls. Principia 1.5 turned out to be a cruel and malevolent ruler, forcing her subjects to eat giraffe semen and drink bricks in honour of her greatness. One day, a lowly monkey pimper was leasing his monkeys in the slums when Principia 1.5 and her guards, Ghavio64 and Ueuo approached him. "Eat this giraffe semen and drink this brick handsome pimp!" demanded Principia 1.5 "I will not yield to your malicious ways" uttered the handsome pimp "DO IT NOW!" demanded Principia 1.5 "I will" replied the handsome pimper of chimps "when monkeys fly out of my butt." "That can be arranged" sneered Principia 1.5 The handsome pimp raised a wry smile and gestured discreetly to his simian sex slaves "But you're not the one with all the chimps..." he said with a confidence only a pimp can have. The handsome pimp gestured to his monkeys less discreetly this time and without hesitation the monkeys started to cover themselves with banana flavoured sex lube. "W w w w WHAT IS HAPPENING?" Demanded Principia 1.5 "Guards! Attack!" But before Ghavio64 and Ueuo could move, the handsome pimp's faithful lubed up sex monkeys launched themselves down the throats of Ghavio64, Ueuo & Principia 1.5. All three fell to the floor writhing in agony as more and more lubed up whore monkeys launched into their mouths. Eventually Emperor Principia gave out a mighty scream and with a loud pop a torrent of lubed up sex monkeys launched themselves out of her butt. The agony seemed eternal yet within minutes Principia was dead from extreme lubed up whore monkey induced rectal trauma. Ghavio and Ueuo were somehow still alive and upon seeing the death of their Emporer, struggled to their feet in an attempt to avenge her death. The rugged pimp beat his fist against his chest and 2 of the largest gorillas emerged from the now amassed crowd. The gorillas started to slowly approach Ghavio64 and Ueue in a menacing manner. "Oh God.. I think I might crap myself" exclaimed Ghavio64 "Me too!" Screamed Ueuo. The gorillas roared and with that a flurry of monkeys burst out of Ueuo and Ghavio64's butts leading them to die in the same manner. The handsome pimp shrugged, raised his ultra cool assassins creed style hood and merged back into the crowd with his entourage of simians following closely.

The handsome pimp decreed that from this day on New Delhi needed a new ruler and he should be handsome and a pimp. He took the title Pimpcipia 1.5.1 and the legend lives on in the hearts of the people he and his monkey whores liberated on that fateful day.