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Principia 1.4 "Adventure Update" was released on February 10th, 2014.

Changes in to

  • First PC and iOS releases
  • Various bug fixes
  • Factory sliding fixed
  • Fixed ugly factory rendering
  • Conveyor did not work on bedrock

Changes in 1.4 - February 10th, 2014

  • Robot movement revised
  • Added support for in-game adventure building
  • Robot can now equip different weapons and tools on each arm
  • 2 new main levels (1 medium, 1 hard)
  • Textured pixels
  • Terrain painting in sandbox
  • Support for mining terrain
  • New object: Oil Rig
  • New object: Crane
  • New object: Factory, for constructing objects in adventure mode
  • New object: Artifical Gravity
  • New object: Shape Extruder
  • New object: Plastic Box
  • New object: Fluid
  • New object: Boundary (i1o1)
  • Added gem stones
  • Added various power-up oils and basic oil mixing
  • Robot armour system
  • New weapon: Shotgun
  • New weapon: Railgun
  • New tool: Builder tool
  • New tool: Mining tool
  • Added a smaller platform size
  • Voltage system revised (does not affect old levels)
  • Various issues with multi-part objects (damper, open pivot) fixed
  • Servo Motor now has a speed cap option
  • Bugfix: Fan applied forces across layers
  • Bugfix: servo motor had mismatching CCW/CW speeds
  • Bugfix: Robot could layermove through objects once
  • Bugfix: Robot jump was weird sometimes
  • Bugfix: Object/ID field improperly reported dummys and a few other object types
  • New widgets: 3x1 slider, vertical sliders, 3x3 radial
  • Conveyor can now be made dynamic
  • Mini emitters and absorbers can now handle the smallest cylinder
  • Emitters/absorbers can now handle all types of robots
  • Digital Display renamed to Passive Display
  • Added Active Display
  • Robot can now box himself for protection
  • Improved exlosion and rocket effects
  • New physics stability options: prismatic and pivot error tolerance
  • New Lua methods: world:raycast, world:query, entity:highlight, entity:get_layer, this:draw_line, this:listen_on_frequency, this:read_frequency, this:clear_texels, game:message, game:poll_event, game:get_cursor(), world:get_gravity(), entity:local_to_world(), entity:world_to_local()
  • Lua set_sprite_tint and set_sprite_z renamed to set_draw_tint and set_draw_z
  • Rubber objects can now specify custom restitution/friction values.