Principia 1.3

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Principia 1.3 "Christmas Update" was released on December 20th. It added support for Lua scripting, performance improments and much more.

Changes in 1.3

  • Huge performance improvements, up to 300% boost on big levels
  • Performance improvements to all effects
  • Triangle waveform added to synthesizer
  • Almost all objects now have proper descriptions
  • The camera now moves automatically when you drag an object against a screen border
  • New level property: Do not require dragfields
  • Power Supply max voltage doubled to 48V
  • New object: Cursor Field, an invisible, resizable touch-detector. Alfajim, this is what you should use for your synth and piano. ;)
  • Added object quickadd dialog (search by name)
  • New sandbox menu category sorting
  • Improvements to sandbox menu
  • New object: Lua Script
  • Jumper now has a precision-value dialog
  • Damage slider added to Spikes
  • Increased max zoom-out of Cam Marker
  • Bugfix: Linear decay slider error
  • Bugfix: Checkpoint only worked in layer 1
  • Bugfix: disconnected sockets "remembered" their last value
  • Improvements to adventure robot