Bug Reporting

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To report a bug, create a new topic in the Bugs forum and post all the necessary information there. Try to be as specific as possible in your bug report.

Use this template

How to reproduce:

What platform are you using:

What version of principia:

The principia version can be found at the bottom right corner of the screen when you start the game.

If you're on PC, please copy your log file and paste it between [code][/code] tags in your post.
Win Vista or newer: C:\Users\username\Principia\run.log
WinXP or older C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Principia\run.log

Note: To ensure that the run.log file is fresh, immediately copy it after the bug has occured.

You can also copy your settings.ini file which is found in the same folder as the log file.

Uploading an example level

If you feel extra helpful and want to upload an example level to demonstrate the bug, make sure to unlist the level before you link it in your post.

To unlist a level, go to your published level on the website and click the "unlist" button at the bottom of the page.